Who Is JDS Display

JDS Furniture Co., Ltd is a leading enterprise and focuses on manufacturing, marketing, and research & development of display and commercial furniture. We use innovative solutions and modern technology to make high-quality furniture and accessories. Our company headquarters and workshop are located in Hongkong, Asia, and we have an established and reliable wholesale distribution system that has helped us offer JDS products to customers across Europe, North America, Germany, and Middle East. JDS has an annual production capability of retail shop jewelry showcase that are sold on the global market. Over hundreds and thousand professionals and Designer trust and use our furniture across various industries such as retail shop, commercial space, high-end resident, research and development, etc.

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Fresh Era

Designer Company

A Stepping Stone for Fast Growth

Holy Company was founded since 2013.Holy is the Predecessor name of JDS. The main businesses to design business space. In 2014 we compete the first Jewelery space design and manufacturing project. And we  proceeded to start a furniture supply company in east coast of China and gradually gained traction.



Within five years since its inception, JDS was experiencing rapid and consistent growth that saw it to a team of 20 persons by 2015. The team was a stepping stone for JDS’ growth as it focused on improving supply chain management, sales channels management, and product development.



A Stepping Stone for Fast Growth



PSP Team

Fantastic Year

In 2019 Change the company name Holy to JDS And effect design company. Starting the new plant project. What’s more, we become the qualified supplier of the most famous jewelery brand of Chow Tal Fook.

  • In 2021 We obtain the FSC certification to support the international green career.

  • In 2019 Become the qualified supplier of 3D GOL.Din China, and set up long term cooperation relationship.

  • In 2020 Become the qualified supplier of ROLEX And Tudor in China mainland.

  • In 2020 The first jewelry display manufacturer in China to push out integrated, modular and standardized product process.

PSP Manufactory

New Era

Innovations and New furniture in JDS Product Series

  • In 2021, JDS expanded its product line and successfully launched commercial furniture, commercial showcase. Additionally, these became the best-selling products in the United States and Canada.


Innovations and New furniture in JDS Product Series


JDS has come a long way since its inception over a decade ago. We’ve come a long way to be among the leading showcase and commercial furniture fixture manufacturers with a broad product line trusted by DIY enthusiasts and professionals in various industries.


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